A ticket dispenser system, although not running yet,

No free parking

WAILEA Most merchants, employees and customers at The Shops at Wailea disapprove of the mall plans to set up a paid parking system that they say they were told will begin operating in the next couple of weeks.

is really happy about it, said Rhonda Hay, a Realtor and broker in charge of business development at Hawaii Life, a realty company that has an office at the shopping center.

She said customers and tourists who patronize the stores when it raining or just to kill some time will probably not show up when the paid parking system goes into place. The same goes for the local construction workers in the area who out under the tree and eat lunch.

are not going to do that anymore, Hay said.

The paid parking will be an issue for Hay clients as well because she has been told her business would be limited to a validation sticker that would allow for three hours of free parking.

Her company may take people to see homes in the area and that may easily take more than three hours, Hay said.

She and other merchants have banded together against the mall plans for paid parking and are looking into hiring an attorney to examine the legal issue arising from imposing the parking plan on mall tenants and how it affects their leases. Some employees said they signed a petition to oppose the parking plan, but replica louis vuitton bags nothing has been done.

Wailuku resident and customer Leslie Eyster said that the mall should not charge tourists any more money.

pay enough for their vacation, she said Thursday while waiting for friends who went to buy lunch in one of the stores before heading to the beach.

Friend Alyssa Elf of Kihei said she would still visit the mall if she could easily receive a validation for free parking, say, for example, buying a pack of gum to get a validation sticker or card.

Elf and Eyster said that the paid parking plan at The Shops at Wailea would make parking there as difficult as it already is in Lahaina.

A representative for The Shops at Wailea said via email Thursday that there would be no immediate comment from the mall, although a news release would be issued fake louis bag a short while. shopping center opened in 2000. It replica louis vuitton handbags contains high end retailers such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci as well as popular brands such as Gap, Banana Republic and Tommy Bahama. And it has restaurants including Ruth Chris Steak House fake designer bags and Longhi Wailea. There are smaller eateries, boutiques, real estate offices and stores catering to tourists. The mall parking area can hold up to nearly 1 replica louis vuitton ,000 vehicles. There are lots on both sides of the center.

Merchants and employees said they were told high quality replica handbags china that the parking system will be functioning May 1. A ticket dispenser system cheap louis vuitton bags from china , although not running yet, was set up this week at the parking lot nearest the Grand Wailea. There were no visible signs Thursday at the mall detailing the parking plan.

Merchants were well aware of the parking issue https://www.dolabuy.su/ , although some were unsure of details. Several merchants said they were only told about the parking plan a 1:1 replica handbags couple to several months replica designer handbags ago and that paid parking was never mentioned in their leases.

One merchant speculated that, at his store, customers may need to spend $30 to receive a parking validation. The cost of parking validations assessed to individual stores would determine how much customers need to spend to get aaa replica designer handbags parking validated. And that had not yet been determined.

He added that there will be a grace period for customers.

Another merchant said replica louis vuitton bags from china that it shouldn be too difficult for customers to receive a validation for three hours because there are lot of shopping options in replica louis vuitton handbags the mall.

Construction, landscaping, electric and other workers with jobs in Wailea who stopped by The Shops at Wailea to pick up lunch Thursday, said, they wouldn necessarily go to the mall to regularly pick up lunch during their work week if they had to pay for parking.

on how desperate we are for lunch, said landscaper Alo Kahahane Po and co worker Raven Place drove to the mall from their current work site at the Andaz Maui. cheap replica handbags Place said that if the parking rates are too high, they may need to drive farther into Kihei to pick up lunch.

Visitors from Canada were not sure if they would visit the mall if it charged for parking.

would depend on the cost, said Steve Thompson.

He said he paid $4 for parking in Lahaina town recently, but he noted that was an all day rate. He and his family said there were many more places to go and things to see in Lahaina town than at the Wailea shopping center.

He and sister in law Jenielle Stryde said they would return to The Shops at Wailea if there were parking validations from merchants. This was Stryde second visit to Maui and second time to the mall.

Naomi Wick, who works at The Shops at Wailea, said, personally against it (paid parking). It bad business for now and the future of Maui. said she was concerned about how paid parking would affect employees who may earn minimum wage or close to minimum wage at some stores. As a single parent born and raised on Maui, Wick said she was really worried about her fellow employees and others at the mall.

Wick said she did not want to disclose where she worked because she did not want her personal opinions to be a reflection of her employer, but she said that some stores such as the coffee shops may take a hit from the parking charge.

is going to pay (a parking fee) to get a cup of coffee. It not worth it, she said.

This article includes a correction from the original published on Friday, April 17, 2015. Coach no longer has a store at The Shops at Wailea. The Maui News apologizes for the error.

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